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Tory Council scraps affordable housing in favour of new multi-storey car park in Twickenham

November 26, 2011 12:47 PM

• [Nov 25]: THE Tory administration has decided to change the council's planning policy for Station Yard in Twickenham from affordable housing to a new multi-storey car park without any public consultation.

At present, under the 2005 Unitary Development Plan, Station Yard is designated for car-free housing and business use. As part of the recent consultation for the Twickenham Action Plan it was proposed to change this to residential and bus interchange. This was supported by residents by 55 % to 30 %.

At the October Cabinet it was reported that TfL did not favour a bus interchange at this location so the proposal was changed to purely residential. A good proportion of this would have been affordable housing. Between a meeting with ward Councillors on 9th November (which left the site for residential) and publication of November Cabinet papers someone (Lord True?) unilaterally decided to change the designation to multi-storey car park.

Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Cllr Martin Elengorn said: "This is outrageous. The public were consulted on a mainly residential use of this site and generally approved. They have never been asked about using it for multi-storey car parking.

"Quite apart from its awkward location, a multi-storey car park would be a blot on the landscape and ruin the setting of the Albany pub. No need has been established for more car parking (as opposed to using the present car parking better) so the likelihood is that car park designation would leave the site vacant and blight the area for many years."